Journaling – the case for….

My coaching clients are all aware of the power that I believe journaling has, indeed I provide all my coaching clients with their own coaching journal.  For me, there are two fundamental reasons why I like using journals: Firstly, journaling allows one to write down all their thoughts in a way that helps to reflect on the issues, and capture their concerns, highlights and of course goals. Secondly, it frees up space in the brain knowing that whatever is on the mind is now down on paper.It needs to be done in handwriting (not on PC) as the tactile movement [...]

Interview at Coaching@Work Magazine Conference

In 2015 whilst in London, I had the pleasure being interviewed by Stephen Palmer, the Honorary President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.  Amongst his other positions, he is also the publisher of the Coaching at Work magazine. Click here to watch the video