Organisational Development

Organisational Development is the practice of changing people and organisations for positive growth. It has been defined as the expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organisational change and performance.

Ken Rogers Coaching provides a range of organisational developmental interventions. This includes coaching (personal and group), team building exercises, organisational climate and culture assessments, training, innovation, leadership development and change management. Organisational Development activities empower leaders and individuals, can create a cohesive culture with common understanding around shared goals and can help to enable constructive conflict.

Clients across Perth and greater WA can expect that the outcome of Ken Rogers Coaching interventions will lead to an improvement in staff effectiveness and performance, organisational flexibility, improvement in staff satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction.  It just makes great sense to have an empowered, professional, high performing team that enjoys their work – and Ken Rogers Coaching can help!