Coaching is a space where leaders connect with their values, shift into possibility and explore future options. It allows clients to lead ego out of the conversation and to connect with their greater wisdom and authenticity. Coaching conversations are about learning and growth, intentions and desires, values and purpose. Once in this space, leaders can move forward with clarity, intention, foresight and balance.

Ken is a highly skilled, experienced and accredited coach based in Perth, WA

He has been passionate about coaching as the key to helping others realise different perspectives, options and goals. Indeed coaching conversations are like no other. The following definition by Jenny Rogers, in her book “Coaching Skills”, is simple:

The coach works with clients to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness in their lives and careers through focused learning. The coach’s sole aim is to work with the client to achieve all of the clients potential – as defined by the client.

Some principles that apply are:

  1. The client is resourceful
  2. The coach’s role is to develop the client’s resourcefulness through skilful questioning, challenge and support
  3. Coaching addresses the whole person – past, present and future
  4. The client sets the agenda
  5. The coach and the client are equals
  6. Coaching is about change and action

Ken Rogers Coaching has worked with clients in Australia and Internationally, focusing on Leadership Coaching and other forms of coaching.  Future clients can expect these principles to apply in their coaching engagement.

What is coaching?

The below video sheds more light on what coaching is and who it works for.