AIMHS – Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies

The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies was created to pursue improved health and wellbeing outcomes for men and boys through innovative initiatives, programs and activities, those endeavouring to effect institutional and societal change, as well as those of immediate practical importance and benefit.  In its commitment to this pursuit, the AIMHS is guided by principles of equity, intellectual integrity, and a view of human experience, society, and ethics that is inseparable from biological, psychological, and cultural realities.

Accordingly, AIMHS pursues and promotes excellence in the field of male health and male studies through a diverse range of mediums, including education, discussion forums, programs of male health and mental health promotion, mentoring, consultancy and support for students.

Ken is the Western Australian representative of this national body, and one of the Directors.  He is especially passionate about helping men find their own way, helping women better understand men, through either the facilitation of programs or one on one support as necessary.

Ken has extensive experience supporting men through the facilitation of courses including Men and Anger, Fathering after Separation and Dads raising Daughters.

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