I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as a Director for the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies (AIMHS).

This aligns with my passion and interest in supporting men through the various challenges that can occur in their lives – including but not confined to separation (from wife, partner, children), the blues, stages of stress, and understanding the differences between the sexes.  This information is contained in a Menswatch Program, or can be shared individually with clients as appropriate.

Earlier this year I successfully facilitated a 3 week Menswatch program in Busselton (held one night each week).  I also conduced another very valuable course called “Conversations with Women about Men”.  This 3 hour program is specifically for women, and provides valuable insights into the differences between men and women in perception and reaction.

I am keen to roll out these courses locally, and am available to run them across Western Australia as required.  For more specific information on AIMHS and the services that are available, please check out the website located at www.aimhs.com.au.