We are all feeling the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 on our lives, businesses, relationships and life in general.

Throughout this disruption I continue to reflect on the Chinese word for crisis/change, a combination of 2 characters wei & chi – meaning danger and opportunity. 

This chaotic and complex disruption right now is sowing the seeds of change that will impact on all of us from now on. In times of change, it is often the perfect opportunity to reflect and consider your future, what are you going to do when the storm passes?  The challenges are enormous but they don’t have to be overwhelming.  

Many questions abound:

  • How are you planning to progress? 
  • What challenges are coming that you need to consider?  
  • What opportunities will arise?   
  • What haven’t you thought about yet?
  • What needs to happen?

In these times it is the perfect to time to reflect and be gentle with yourself and others.  We are all facing our own challenges, with our natural survival instincts begin to kick in, but sometime we can get lost just talking to ourselves.

Anytime, but especially right now coaching can be helpful and important.  We have two primary fears, vulnerability and loss of control.  “At its essence coaching is about change, and to change we need to be vulnerable and not have the degree of control that we want whilst changes are occurring”.  

This is where we are now, in this new reality – a COVID-19 world. 

Given these circumstances, my coaching and facilitation services are now available on-line.  

Please get in touch, and I can share further information on how I can help you work through this chaos and complexity.  There is danger, but there is also opportunity.