OPIC Coach@Work is a unique process that develops staff, and helps them be the best they can be.  It is about melding individual competence with the required capabilities to develop higher performance.

Coach@Work is best described as a process which allows managers to coach their staff through the specifics of their current role. Coach@Work allows both the manager and staff member to analyse job performance in an objective and practical way. Staff gain a better understanding of how they are going, managers can coach their staff through opportunities for improvement, and together they can develop the required capabilities to allow that staff member to be the best they can be in their specific role.

The uniqueness of Coach@Work is that it allows for high quality manager-staff interactions based on objective and evidence based data. In many ways, the coaching conversations take the working relationship to a more in depth level, allowing focused capability improvement. It also sets up the manager/staff coaching conversation as the key conduit to ongoing high performance.

Why should Managers coach?

It is an interesting fact that training on its own is only 20% effective in developing staff, but when you add coaching that effectiveness skyrockets to 80%!

Staff engagement surveys invariably reveal that staff have three key messages for their managers:

  1. We want your feedback
  2. We want opportunities to develop
  3. We want you to do something about poor performance

In short, managers are likely to be a critical person to coach their staff for improved performance.

The issue most managers have is HOW to coach rather than just problem solve, and also what tools can assist them:

  • Diagnose capability development needs of staff
  • Develop the behaviours to effectively coach their staff
  • Implement a proven system to do this on an ongoing basis

Coach@Work for Managers

OPIC offers an accredited program that addresses these problems. Coach@work is not training but rather a group coaching program with the following benefits for managers:

  • Learn how to develop via an understanding of individual team members capabilities
  • Develop capable staff
  • Motivate your team
  • Learn exactly what works in a coaching environment
  • Have access to tools and resources that will assist your staff to easily develop a specific capability.

Coach@Work has the ability to target the specifics of an individual’s skill set within their current role, and allows the manager to analyse their performance in an objective and practical way. Coach@Work can be tailored to suit your organisational frameworks. In-house programs are also available.

Ken is an accredited Master Coach@Work practitioner, and is the primary Perth and greater Western Australian contact for Coach@Work.  He has coached a number of clients through this program.  He is especially excited about being able to introduce this program and methodology to clients in Perth and Western Australia.