Project Description

Leadership Development
Ken has used Human Synergistics individual profile assessments on numerous occasions across Perth and greater WA. In this situation, Ken was asked to coach a client who was particularly interested in working on some specific leadership issues and challenges he was having with some staff at work. The client felt that she was being supportive, inclusive and clear with her staff, but somehow her message wasn’t getting through. Staff were restless, and some had moved on to work in other areas. We decided that the client would be best served taking the Leadership Impact assessment, which would provide some clarity of his impact in specific areas with specific staff.

The Leadership Impact results highlighted that whilst his intended impact was generally constructive, unfortunately the staff impacted by his actions were not as supportive. The tool highlighted that her immediate manager felt she was performing well, and her peers recognised her positive intent. The significant problems existed in those who reported directly to her, specifically in the areas of role-modelling, influencing and stimulating thinking.

The coaching sessions that followed this analysis focused on two specific areas where the client could improve, namely in the humanistic-encouraging and achievement areas. The client’s action plan allowed him to work on these area, and she chose to address this by showing concern for her staff and driving excellence.

The use of the Leadership Impact tool allowed this client to have an insight into the impact her actions were having on her work colleagues which may not have been apparent in any other way.