Newman PresentationOn Thursday 10 September, I travelled to Newman courtesy of the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, facilitating a session on change, and discussing different ways of coping with the inevitable. The crew in the Pilbara were very engaged, asking lots of questions, and reflecting on changes in their own lives.

The session covered two models of change, Kotter’s eight-step model, as well as Appreciative Inquiry. We looked at Stakeholder needs, and that we have the capacity to change – reflecting on self-efficacy. One analogy that was shared and considered helpful was that “change is just like falling asleep in a rowboat without oars. Sure when you wake up the inside of the rowboat is the same, but the external environment is different.” We think things remain the same, but in reality change is always going to happen.

Tomorrow is always going to be different, it’s your attitude and positivity that will allow you to shine. Having had the opportunity to share some change skills and experience is a real privilege, and I’ve presented now this information to four different regional locations, Narrogin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and now Newman.

If you would like me to come and present at your community or workplace, please get in touch.