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So what to write for my first post.  Certainly there are many relevant and contemporary topics to consider, but I felt that Possibilities is great topic to start with.  Why do people seek to engage a coach?  Is it because they are are stuck, feeling challenged with their life, have some difficulty seeing there future possibilities?  The reasons are wide and varied but they are all as unique and personal as each individual.

Life is all about change.  There is nothing surer than night follow day, and new days mean new possibilities, opportunities and challenges.  Coaching allows one to consider alternatives, options, and ideas that may not have been apparent without that time and focus that occurs within a coaching session.  Coaching helps clients consider their own personal changes, and provides clarity on what to do next – possibilities.

In closing, here is a small poem from a book called Now is the Time, by Patrick Lindsay.

We all have a spark within us
that ignites our creative spirit.
Sometimes it’s overshadowed by the big obstacles
that threaten the light of our lives.
But our spark will survive our darkest times,
waiting to show the way to a brighter future.

What possibilities await you……